Thursday, September 25, 2014

Morning Coffee (9/25/14)

My new show reviews continue: NCIS: New Orleans

And here are a few thoughts on the Sleepy Hollow premiere.

I'm very proud of the work my dad has done here: A Refuge and a Resource for Veterans

Here's yet another layer of the Emma Watson photo countdown hoax. None of this actually makes it better.

Nigella Lawson's next cookbook has a chapter called "Bowlfood" so therefore I AM IN.

How Gary Hart’s Downfall Forever Changed American Politics

I like Rebecca WAY more than I like Gone Girl but this was interesting anyway: The Original Gone Girl: On Daphne du Maurier and Her Rebecca

Whoa: NapolĂ©on and JosĂ©phine’s marriage contract sold at auction

Let's Talk About the Books You've Pretended to Read (Confession: I call Jane Austen my favorite author but I haven't read Northanger Abbey and I don't think I've ever finished Mansfield Park.)

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