Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Morning Coffee (9/9/14)

Happy primary day, New Hampshire! (And elsewhere.) Heads up, Nashua, some polling locations have changed.

I was skeptical of the Jack the Ripper "news" in the first place and am now doubly so, as I trust Maureen Johnson in all things. But especially this. (No, seriously, she knows what she's talking about.)

Cosmo is endorsing candidates for the first time this year. They've really been doing a lot of good stuff recently.

Rolling Stone cover story: The Reinvention of Taylor Swift (I wholeheartedly and unironically love her and I don't even care.)

Elsewhere in celebrity profiles that make their subjects seem altogether delightful and endearing: The Year's Most Unexpected Action Hero, a.k.a. Dylan O'Brien

Awwwww, awesome: Iowa couple marries after 72 years together

My friend Christine has reviewed The White Queen and provided a handy Wars of the Roses reading list.

The 62 most astounding, inspiring, and alarming takeaways from Monica Seles’s new YA romance series totally made me want to read the books.

Eee! LEGO Libraries and Bookstores

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