Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Morning Coffee (10/1/14)

Happy October!

Me elsewhere: The Karen Gillan/John Cho vehicle Selfie could be good if it ditches its entire premise; a review of this week's Sleepy Hollow.

Whoa: FCC will consider punishing broadcasters for saying 'Redskins'

Sigh: NFL penalizes Muslim player for praying; league says it was wrong

The Toast is hiring Roxane Gay to head up a sister site, The Butter!

‘Twilight’ Will Be Revived via Short Films on Facebook - but perhaps most importantly, they'll be made by aspiring female directors. I know a lot of people are scoffing at more Twilight, but I think it's wonderful that Stephenie Meyer is using her power and platform to help other women in a male-dominated industry.

Sports journalism doesn’t need a girl’s league

Some possibly good publishing news: Someone bought Angry Robot and says he will keep it publishing, save everyone's jobs, etc.

Someone stole an uninsured Degas in Cyprus.

My lawyer friend Christine nitpicks How to Get Away with Murder for you.

Remember the kid who wanted his cat in his yearbook picture? Now his principal (and her dog) are in on it.

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