Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Morning Coffee (10/21/14)

(Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. The bookmarking service I use was down for a bit, so I had no actual links for my links.)

Me elsewhere: This week's TV news; thoughts on last week's Bones.

What tolerating online harassment costs us

Interesting: Italy Just Pulled Out of Recession Because It Began Counting Drug and Prostitution Revenue

Baskin-Robbins is doing thematic ice cream for one of Hallmark's new Christmas movies. What a world.

Haiti wreck not Columbus flagship

Ooh: Richard III’s reinterment route is announced

What It Feels Like To Be Killed Off A Popular TV Show (And Come Back) Tommmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy.

"These clowns are luxuriating in warmth and enjoying feeling in their extremities, but I’m saving $37 and proving my hardy New England mettle."

Dirtbag Henry IV

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