Monday, January 12, 2015

Morning Coffee (1/12/15)

I'll have A WHOLE POST about this for you soon, because I feel very strongly, but Classic Alice is a web series that deserves your attention and any spare change you could throw its way.

Wondering what you need to know from the Golden Globes? Vox has you covered.

Have you seen the new Brain Soup Goes Gilmore book club, run by Emma Approved actress Dayeanne Hutton? This month's book is Emma!

WHAT. All Girls' High School Retouches Photos to Make Students Look Thinner

Ha. Hacked L.A. Traffic Sign Wants You To “Read A F*cking Book”

What's the first piece of recorded music you ever purchased? (Midori's Encore, I think.)

Classic literature gets a facelift in Russian bookstores

The New York Times Accidentally Invented a New Country, and the Internet's in Love

The Comments Section For Every Video Where Someone Does A Pushup

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