Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Morning Coffee (1/14/15)

Save Alice!

I'm so proud to know some of the people involved in this: How ‘Harry Potter’ fans won a four-year fight against child slavery

Alessandra Stanley’s Troubling Reaction to Transparent’s Golden Globe Wins

Aaah, look at the cover for the Fug Girls' forthcoming The Royal We!

I am extremely excited for season two of Penny Dreadful.

There's going to be an Amazing Amy book with the Gone Girl Blu-Ray, because of course there is. I'm actually mildly surprised that they're not publishing it on its own as well.

Whoa, look at this Map of Physics.

How to Interview a Woman Writer

The Onion: HR Director Reminds Employees That Any Crying Done At Office Must Be Work-Related

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