Friday, January 16, 2015

Morning Coffee (1/16/15)

Yesterday at Read the Screen, I wrote a review of Classic Alice. It's approximately a million words long (okay, 800) and uses fancy phrases like "interrogate the text," so you know I care a lot about this. SO you can go read it all AND/OR just accept that this is really important to me and go pitch in a bit just because you like me. ($5! $2! Anything helps!)

The Oscar nominations mean I'm going to give you a few links that are NOT Happy Friday:

Selma was snubbed because the average Oscar voter is a 63-year-old white man

This Is What The Oscar Nominations Look Like Without All The Men

Moving on! It Is One Thing To Date Your Father But There Is No Excuse For Not Knowing The Difference Between The Tudors And The Hapsburgs. (Seriously, I read that whole incest interview and it was insane, but I too was most struck by the ridiculous misinformation about Henry VIII, so I'm glad Mallory is on this.)

Princess Michael of Kent's 70th birthday portrait involves a tiara and a cat.

Tom Hanks: I Owe It All to Community College

Whoa: Ben & Jerry's Just Released Cookie Butter Core Ice Cream

Aah! The Princess Bride Is Now a Mobile Game as You Wish(ed)

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