Thursday, February 19, 2015

Morning Coffee (2/19/15)

Happy Lunar New Year! The Google doodle is very cute. (Sheep-related, of course!)

Classic Alice creator Kate Hackett wrote an interesting financial breakdown of what exactly goes into making the show. Even if you don't watch this specific show, behind-the-scenes stuff like this is enlightening.

Obviously nothing about ISIS is funny, but . . . this is funny. CNN Uncovers ISIS’s Dastardly Scheme to Lure Western Women With Kittens and Nutella

Amazing: Pinterest deleted Rand Paul's fake Hillary Clinton page for a terms of service violation

New England's ridiculous winter, in 6 photos

Hillary Clinton's uncontested nomination is dangerous for her and her party

Apparently Nora Ephron hated blue. I guess everyone has to have some flaw.

17 Things From Target No Human Can Resist Buying

The Onion: Area Woman Not Good Enough Artist To Justify Eccentricities

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