Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Morning Coffee (3/24/15)

Well. George Zimmerman: Killing Trayvon was God’s plan, and wishing he lived is ‘almost blasphemous’

Serial’s Adnan Syed Sets Out His Case for a New Trial

This whole situation with the Game of Thrones book/show timelines and spoilers is just . . . unfortunate. (Says the girl currently reading book four. Whatever.)

Ooh, you can vote to name the surface features of Pluto and Charon!

Syfy's upcoming Greek mythology drama Olympus looks potentially terrible in a fun way.

Argentine archaeologists probe 'Nazi hide-out' for clues

There's a new Muse song, if such things interest you. It's . . . Muse-y. (Video potentially NSFW.)

Very curious to see what the new Lisbeth Salander book is like.

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