Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Morning Coffee (3/31/15)

Me elsewhere: I guested on my friends' Shameless podcast this week! I talked about Chekhov's gun and vampires and please try to contain your shock.

Today's Eiffel Tower Google doodle is cute.

Yesterday's N.S.A. incident sounds . . . potentially less alarming than it sounded at first, so that's something?

Yay home state: Connecticut becomes first state to boycott Indiana over anti-LGBT law

Thank you, John Oliver. April Fools' Day is the worst.

Live-action Mulan!!!

Here's an interesting read about the Boston Olympic bid.

Glen Keane's revolutionary new animated short will change the way you think about movies

"She is the most banal and simultaneously the most monstrous person to ever move to Florida; her heart is a gun and her brain is a ledger."

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