Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Morning Coffee (4/15/15)

(Political links will probably only increase from here on out to the election. You're welcome/I'm sorry. But it'll never be more than a few a day.)

Don't underestimate Marco Rubio

I joke that I can't pick a candidate until they all come to my office and/or buy me breakfast, but that's really not far from the truth in New Hampshire and Iowa, and that may be a problem for Clinton.

Also a potential problem: Scott Walker's dog allergy.

When the Onion is just truth: Nation Hopeful There Will Be Equally Random Chance Of Justice For Future Victims Of Police Abuse

This is one of those things that's simultaneously awesome that it exists and sad that it has reason to exist: Women-only 'pink rickshaw' hits the road in Lahore

Nifty: How to Build a Cocktail, Visualized

Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Taste In Books? (They got pretty close for me!)

HENRY VIII: who let all these dang wolves in my hall


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