Friday, April 24, 2015

Morning Coffee (4/24/15)

Happy Friday!

Check out this great project funding a camp for girls that combines story and STEM skills.

Have you seen the new GeekyCon music video "Get Your Geek On" yet? No? You should probably do that. (I love that I get to work with a company that comes up with stuff like this.)

Aww, this is awesome: Sign Of The Times: Straight High School Student Asks His Gay Best Friend To The Prom

This Robin Hood situation is out of control but I can't exactly say I MIND.

Neat idea for a fundraiser: Scale model of Chester Cathedral to be made in Lego

The Real Deal on Tartan, Kilts, and Outlander Costumes

Speaking of costumes: Dress worn by Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind sold for $137,000

This actually is hilarious: 25 Hilarious Tumblr Moments That Sum Up Classical Music

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  1. That Robin Hood situation is definitely out of control - better check the "Sign of the Times" link right before it! ;)