Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Morning Coffee (4/28/15)

I'm just catching up on the news from Baltimore over night, but as usual, Vox is a good place to start for running updates.

An important read: Report from the Field: On (Not) Reporting Sexual Violence

They're moving the pumpkin festival to Laconia, where there aren't any college kids or, you know, people.

A good explainer, if you're wondering what's going on with the Hugos: How conservatives took over sci-fi's most prestigious award

Bourbon mystery solved! There's a softball team involved. It's all quite intriguing.

World's oldest stone tools discovered in Kenya

I think Gary Hart has forgotten house endorsements work. "I'm obliged to, if nothing else, because he supported me." Well, I'm convinced!

The Onion: Baby Has Sinking Feeling He Left Home Without Oversize Multicolor Plastic Keys

"This is not Greece! Amazons do not wear top hats nor corsets into battle! That top hat is pretty great, though!"

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