Friday, May 1, 2015

Morning Coffee (5/1/15)

Happy Friday! How is it May?

Here's the most fun political non-scandal ever: Nick Clegg's wife is secretly a food blogger!

Stephen Hawking assures us that in another universe Zayn is still with One Direction. So.

The Critique of Reason at Yale sounds great and I really must manage to get there before it closes.

Background TV is an important and under-discussed issue. Personally, I tend to go for procedurals. This is why I have "watched" every episode of CSI: Cyber, though I'm still not convinced it's a real show and not an extremely elaborate joke.

The Royal We is one of my favorite books of the year so far, and this interview with the authors is delightful.

My friend Laura's projected titles for James Patterson's forthcoming books are hilarious: "I Am Not Even Trying Anymore; This Is My Grocery List, Bet It Outsells The Bible; There Was Nothing Good on TV, So I Wrote Another NYT Bestseller; and 15 Ways to Con Other People into Writing Books for You (and Letting You Publish Them in Your Name)!"

Here, it's Friday, have some firemen and ducklings.

Here Are Some Paintings Of A Woman Riding Aristotle Like A Pony

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  1. I keep making up more titles for James Patterson. It is a surprisingly entertaining way to occupy the mind.