Friday, August 21, 2015

...Lunchtime Coffee? (8/21/15)

Sorry! Time got away from me this morning, but I didn't want to entirely deprive you of some HAPPY FRIDAY LINKS.

It's Friday. Have 25 Photos of Famous Authors in Uniform. (What is your DAMAGE, Faulkner?)

IT'S FRIDAY. You really, really need to watch Baby Can't Contain Her Excitement When She Sees a Cat.

In other important cat news: School adopts a cat? Fine. But HE HAS AN ID CARD, YOU GUYS.

Hugh Jackman would really be the perfect Odysseus for a Lionsgate movie, huh?

See the Stunning Portraits That Will Mark Queen Elizabeth's Record-Breaking Reign

Whoa: Visit every place on this vintage US map for the most epic road trip ever

If You Had Married King Henry VIII…….What Would Your Fate Have Been?

Paintings Where The Subject Is Clearly Thinking “Oh, Christ, I’ve Left The Iron On”

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