Thursday, September 10, 2015

Morning Coffee (9/10/15)

Not a link, but: I watched the Colbert Late Show premiere on demand last night - it will forever baffle me that there are enough people routinely awake that late to make late night TV a thing, because I AM NOT - and it was so enjoyable, and I think that's the first time I've watched an entire episode of any network late night show, so well done, CBS. (Oh wait, I do have a related link: if you're interested in the business of TV, this interview with CBS CEO Les Moonves is great.)

New emoji are coming! Everyone's talking about the taco and burrito but I'm pretty excited about CHEESE. (I'm always excited about cheese, regardless of context.)

This makes me feel so much better about my entirely emotional attachment to the monarchy: Long live Queen Elizabeth: Why monarchies are better than republics

Related: If you're a certain kind of person (like me) you probably want to click through 49 slides of the Queen's hats.

And: Sixty Years of Queen Elizabeth II Faking Fascination With Extremely Mundane Things Even if you don't like the monarchy philosophically: this lady has a job and she works extremely hard at it.

I will never tire of reading about the maple syrup cartel, and Louise Penny should really consider this for a future book. (Hi Tahleen!)

I would also like someone to write me a novel about high-powered South Korean teachers, please.

Here's that "living like Victorians" thing everyone was going on about yesterday, in case you were, um, living like a Victorian and somehow missed it. You guys know I love history and even I thought I was going to break my eyeballs from rolling them so hard at this. (Having had open heart surgery makes these things pretty clearcut: I would not have wanted to be born much earlier than I was, because then I'd be dead.)

"Put simply, if a tech company introduced the human as a product engineered to drive cars, it'd go out of business."

Ayn Rand's Charlotte's Web


  1. "My skirts are like cat whiskers! I sew my own mattresses!" <-- I threw up a little bit when I read the Victorian article.