Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Morning Coffee (9/2/15)

Me elsewhere: Read the Screen is back from hiatus with some thoughts on Lookinglass.

Germany is finally treating the migrant crisis like a moral issue

Related: 10,000 Icelanders offer to house Syrian refugees after author's call

Oh, Putin, never change.

What do we think of Google's new logo? (It's... fine, I guess?)

If this Pilou Asbaek casting is real, then congrats, Game of Thrones, you've got my attention.

I was skeptical of the supposed Nazi gold train find, but it might be real.

However, the supposed Captain Kidd treasure find? Not real.

MAXIM: I suppose I thought you would just sort of…pick up on it, I guess. I’m always brooding about it.

MRS. DE WINTER: Surely even you must admit that “silently brooding about hatred” looks an awful lot like “silently brooding about a lost love,” to the untrained eye.

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  1. When I saw Google's new logo for the first time, I was stunned and DEEPLY UNHAPPY. Why? I have no idea. What is it about that logo change that would bother me? I miss the fancy lower case g. I think that's the problem.