Thursday, September 24, 2015

Morning Coffee (9/24/15)

Me elsewhere: new show reviews! The Muppets was better than I expected. I liked the world-building in Minority Report. Blindspot was resoundingly meh.

And ICYMI, I started a running ranking of new fall shows, now updated with Rosewood and Limitless.

A little late, but important: You Have to Be an Actual Moron or a Wannabe Dictator to Want Your Wife's Face on the $10

Did you catch what Ben Carson said about Muslims and the Constitution?

Welcome to hell: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook and the slow death of the web (I've never used ad blockers and with all this stuff currently going on about it I feel so VINDICATED.)

I've been so frustrated with the way people are talking as though Ryan Adams took Taylor Swift's worthless girly pop music and made it SUDDENLY GOOD, so I was very happy to read Todd VanDerWerff's take.

I also recommend Todd's take on peak TV.

Confession: This headline distracted me while I was in the middle of scheduling a tweet. The internet is full of distractions. Here are 7 tips to help you focus.

Paging C.J. Cregg: A Californian Highway May Get A Cougar-Only Overpass

Oh, here's the real story behind that Putin/Elton John hoax.

I'm not surprised that someone is premiering a fashion line on Snapchat, but I'm a little surprised that it's Burberry.

Signs The Vaguely-Named Building In Your Local Strip Mall Is Actually A Church And Not A Coffeeshop-slash-Art Space (I had this exact conversation in real life yesterday. Me: "I need a new writing cafe." Friend: "Bonhoeffer's downtown is good." Me: "Bonhoeffer's? That must be part of a church." It is.)

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  1. Seriously though, how are they going to get the cougars to use the overpass? It would work except cougars can't read road signs--just like the wolves can't. Also bears. And bees. C.J. would be laughing so hard right now.