Friday, September 4, 2015

Morning Coffee (9/4/15)

HAPPY FRIDAY! And happy three-day weekend, to those who have one! I am planning to mostly stay in my house and catch up on work and gift knitting and maybe bake some cookies, and I'm honestly REALLY EXCITED about it. But I'm going to give you a few extra links today in case I go crazy and SLEEP IN or something on Monday.

"It looks just like Tinder but it's not actually a way for cats to find relationships. It's much more like a Hot or Not for cats."

I suggest you take two minutes out of your day to gaze at Ireland being pretty. (A few comments here: 1. It showed me an Ireland tourism ad before the video. VERY GOOD AD PLACEMENT. LET'S GO. 2. I feel like they're overstating the isolation of the Aran Islands a bit. "One island even has a bank"? One island has a SPAR, with a normal grocery selection and at least an ATM. 3. People do, in fact, get around in those horse carts. It was the only way to get to our B&B when we went.)

This is, in fact, what I want scientists to be working on: longer-lasting ice cream. (I'm not joking. Ice cream is very important to me.)

Royals and Their Dogs

"Lance Corporal Derby XXX was unavailable for comment." (You should click through. Lance Corporal Derby XXX is a SHEEP.)

Because the Hallmark Channel loves me and wants me to be happy, they're doing a new Fall Harvest series of movies.

In other fall news: Here's the Pumpkin Spice Latte Instagram account! If you click through there's a way to get one early.

Here's a great interview with the Fug Girls about The Royal We and more. (If you're a Kindle person and haven't read The Royal We yet, it's currently $3.99. I expected to like it but I LOVED it.)

"The real bishop said: 'My admiration is enormous - if my life depended on it, I couldn't knit a bishop.'"

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose Your Next Book (Related, sort of: Do you guys want book reviews? I kind of want to write book reviews. I don't know. It's September. I want to take on ALL THE PROJECTS.)

7 Inanimate Objects That Are Actively Plotting Against Us (Trust me, it's adorable.)

The Timeless Allure of the Art of Knots

If Alexander Siddig Were Your Boyfriend

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