Friday, October 16, 2015

Morning Coffee (10/16/15)

Happy Friday!

Me elsewhere: I recapped the Haven premiere.

This week's New Yorker arrived in my mailbox yesterday with a piece about Thoreau LITERALLY ENTITLED "POND SCUM" and few things have ever made me so happy.

Except, actually, GQ's Taylor Swift cover story (by Chuck Klosterman!), which pulls off the pretty amazing feat of being genuinely interesting while making her seem even more exactly the person I've always wanted her to be. (Reading profiles of celebrities you like is always such a RISK.) There are many, MANY great things in that piece, and I really urge you to read it, but probably the BEST is the way Swift realizes that if her parents hadn't moved her to Nashville to focus on her music as a teen, she'd now be working in some kind of marketing like the rest of us.

I tend to put The Toast at the bottom of the link list, I guess because I'm a creature of habit and like ending with something funny, but Mallory's North and South is just too good:
"MARGARET: can you at least give me a general outline of your problems with the Church?
MR. HALE: sorry no
MARGARET: are you an atheist? a Methodist? a Tractarian? a schismatic? a Baptist?
MR. HALE: don’t worry about it
just know that I cannot renew my vows, so we must move North and be unemployed
MARGARET: Can you…specify which doctrine?
and in fact I will never be discussing my new beliefs again
MARGARET: Will you at least be following your conscience and preaching whatever doctrine you think soundest up North?
MR. HALE: I will not."

The Zombies have a new album! Did you know the Zombies were still a thing? I most certainly did not!

"Being Santa Claus gives a person a political edge, he said. On more than one occasion he has called a legislator, lobbying for support on a child welfare issue. When he’s been brushed off, he has called local media and introduced himself. Then the local media, seeing a story, called the legislator. And then, magically, someone from the politician’s office called to discuss his concerns. It seems no politician wants to come out publicly against Santa Claus, he said."

!!!!!! Students Create 3D-Printed Wheelchair For Disabled Kitten

It's Friday. Let's look at Tom Hiddleston in glasses.

Go Inside the World Of June Kenton, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Bra Fitter

Whoa: Beautiful Harry Potter stop-motion short film builds Hogwarts from the pages of the books themselves

In a Small Village High in the Peruvian Andes, Life Stories Are Written in Textiles

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