Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Morning Coffee (10/21/15)

Me elsewhere: I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE ROYAL WE. I am not excited about Truth Be Told.

Oops: Washington Post Accidentally Publishes Biden Presidential Announcement Story (Someone did that with a One Direction story yesterday too. CALM DOWN, EVERYONE.)

If you are inclined to write off the CW and its shows, or interested in how TV works in general, please read this.

This is so important: Why We Are Burning Out in the Arts

Trollope Uncut Comparing those two versions sounds fascinating.

This New Yorker true crime reader look great. I keep going to order it and then remembering I have access to all the stories in the archives. But if you don't, maybe you should order it!

This "Psychic Robot" Can Read Your Mind. Um. Oh goody?

Hee: Honest Harry Potter titles. Harry Potter and the Time Hermione Did Literally Everything is my favorite.

A Sailor’s Annotated Map of the Pacific Illustrates a Tour of Duty During WWII

American Women in the 1900s Called Street Harassers 'Mashers' and Stabbed Them With Hatpins

Things Men in Literature Have Died From is perfect:
"Chaste homoeroticism for a schoolfellow who died in the trenches
That surprise in the corridor

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