Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Morning Coffee (10/27/15)

Paul Ryan as Speaker: A Preview of the Fights He Will Face, in Plain English

I really enjoyed Supergirl - my post on it will be up at The Televixen today - and Alyssa Rosenberg's interview with the creators about the show's feminism is a must-read.

!!!! There's a new app to stream Broadway shows!

Ughhhhh. Ricky Gervais To Return As Golden Globes Host In 2016

Phoebe Tonkin has important things to say about the double standard to which female characters are held: “He killed Tyler’s mom on Christmas Eve!” she said. “And [Hayley] was the bad guy for giving birth to his child. Yet he was drowning people’s moms during the holidays.”

Fascinating: Jem and the Holograms Fails in a Way That I've Never Seen a Movie Fail Before

Belgian Scientologists go on trial for fraud and extortion

How Soviets Got Away with Stealing a Van Gogh

June Thomas has interesting things to say about TV's competence fetish, though I don't entirely agree - in certain types of shows, what I WANT is to watch super smart people being smart.

This is the greatest business idea ever.

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