Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Morning Coffee (10/7/15)

This Voter app sounds neat, but when I read "Tinder-like app for matching with a presidential candidate" I thought it was going to tell me which candidates were GEOGRAPHICALLY NEAR ME. Because I live in New Hampshire, and that would actually be a useful function. (I mean. To go to campaign events. Not to hook up with them. If that was unclear.)

This Brazilian Woman Turns Domestic Violence Scars Into Beautiful Tattoos

A sad, powerful read: "Are You Still Married?"

High School Football Inc.

This "find your perfect climate" map is fun!

WELL: Ancient Cats Drove Ancient Dogs to Extinction

"He has now become a full-time Viking."

The history of Tiger Beat is fascinating!

I am weirdly freaked out by Avery Fisher Hall changing its name.

Don’t Stand So Close To Me: People Ignoring Personal Boundaries In Western Art History

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