Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Morning Coffee (11/10/15)

Me elsewhere: The Last Kingdom recap!

Amazing news: Mallory Ortberg is the new Dear Prudence.

Ben Carson, the humblebragging instrument of God The idea of this man having any kind of power is really very scary.

This is really important: Men Explain Hillary to Me "As long as feminism has existed, left-wing men have dismissed it as a bourgeois triviality. Now we know how little things have changed. For that, at least, we can thank these men for educating us."

An "artist" set the Russian security service's door on fire. "His plans apparently went undetected by the F.S.B., which like its predecessor, the K.G.B., is responsible for surveillance of the Russian population to prevent crimes and attacks." Karla would be horrified.

Unfixable: How Obama lost Syria

Was Neruda assassinated?

In Tunisia, a Mission of Justice and a Moment of Reckoning

Interesting: I thought the Amazon store was a terrible idea. Then I actually went there.

The fraught history of Princess Leia’s infamous bikini

"MAN: can you say da-da
can you say da-da for me?
BABY FOUCAULT: discourse is not life"

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