Friday, November 20, 2015

Morning Coffee (11/20/15)

(A note for any new readers: on Fridays, I try to post all links that are light or funny or heartwarming or at least emotionally neutral, because I think sometimes people just need a break. It doesn't mean I'm not aware of important things going on in the world or don't care; I am watching the news literally as I write this. And don't worry, I'm still bookmarking all the terrible things and will have them for you next week.)

Awesome: Taylor Swift Donates 25,000 Scholastic Books to New York City Schools

It's Clueless's 20th anniversary (!!) and Tom and Lorenzo analyze the fashion. This is great, but I would have liked some inclusion of the fashion descriptions in Emma and how they are similar/different from the movie as far as certain characters being stylish or not, etc.

“This is in some way a nice problem to have, in the sense that you have a 103-year-old product that’s selling off the shelves like hot cakes, and yet we have customers who are on back order who are disappointed,” L.L.Bean’s chief executive, Chris McCormick, said in an interview at company headquarters in Freeport. “That doesn’t sit well with us.” (People have asked me if I'm okay in this time of L.L. Bean crisis. The answer is yes, because the Bean Boots I got for my 16th birthday are still basically pristine, because that's how great these boots are.)

It's been A Week. Let's ogle some holiday cocktails.

The War and Peace miniseries looks SO PRETTY. Can I read the book in time? The eternal question.

I'm going to link you to THREE thinkpieces on the Great British Bake Off because it's just that good: here's the Guardian, Vox, and Eater.

Once Upon a Time, a Cross-Stitch Sampler Counted as Official Paperwork

Will, Kate, and Harry: The Fun Royal Power Trio

London's Most Haunted Tube Stations

"Every time you have sex, someone drowns. This is not considered a notable occurrence, this is simply how sex works in Ireland.

Once a day, you feel a prickle on your neck, as if someone is watching you from across the lake. They are, and it is either your real mother or the man dangerously obsessed with you."

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  1. Let me tell you, those Bean Boots have changed my life. I love those things so much, and it hasn't even gotten really sloppy and cold in Indiana yet!