Thursday, November 5, 2015

Morning Coffee (11/5/15)

Me elsewhere: The Last Kingdom recap

This CodeGirl documentary is great. It's only free through today, so go watch!

New U.S.-Backed Alliance to Counter ISIS in Syria Falters

When Leaders of Taiwan and China Meet, Even Tiny Gestures Will Be Parsed

The Republican Attempt to Hijack the Debates Is Failing Miserably

This is interesting, and I recommend the Times story it links, too: What the Success Academy fight over kicking out students says about the charter movement

Why Republicans like Ben Carson love comparing abortion to slavery

Fascinating and horrifying: They Burn Witches Here

Wondering why no shows have been cancelled yet this fall? Todd explains.

People are mad about the American word for Muggle, but I like the realism of different slang in different places.

Every Comment On Every Article About Bras Ever

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