Friday, December 11, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/11/15)

Happy Friday!

This Daniel Radcliffe interview! He is a delight.

Cat gets advent calendar delivery after Royal Mail waives ID rule You may want to read this whole thing. There are official tips for best sending mail to cats. It's GREAT.

Amazon Prime is now doing one-hour alcohol delivery - or two-hour with no extra shipping fee! - in Manhattan. Living in the future is amazing.

British desserts, explained for Americans confused by the Great British Baking Show

How Kate Middleton Revolutionized the Royal Christmas

Awesome: A map of Finland's bear population, made up of bears

Sorry not sorry for the earworm.

Let's go drink hot toddies.

Similarly, you may find it calming to start your weekend with 45 minutes of Nick Offerman drinking whisky by the fire.

Antarctic Fairy Tales

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