Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/15/15)

Aaaah, the first Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer is out! It doesn't reveal much, of course, but I love the look and tone of it so far.

We also have the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond, and people on Twitter were freaking out (I know, I know) for various reasons but I think it looks mostly fine so far? (One of the specific concerns I saw was that no women spoke in the trailer, and while I'd love these movies to have more/better female roles, I just don't think that's . . . true? That alien woman spoke a few times, right?)

And related to that other big movie thing everyone's talking about: Lawyers Weigh in on Han v Greedo, Because That’s Where We’re at as a Society

Okay. On to more serious matters. (Sorry!) GOP leaders hate Ted Cruz, but he may be their last best hope

New Yorker profiles are basically my favorite thing; here's David Remnick on John Kerry.

This New York Times profile of Justin Trudeau is also a great read.

Related: He did Justin Trudeau in 60 Seconds for Macleans and it's DELIGHTFUL.

Sad news: Lillian Vernon has died. Her story is QUITE SOMETHING and I loved that catalog as a kid.

Marlon James is writing an "African Game of Thrones." Seriously, click on that and read his quotes about why he's doing this. I love him.

Hee: The Best Books You Didn't Read in 2015

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