Monday, December 21, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/21/15)

I finally saw Star Wars yesterday. I enjoyed it. This has been your Star Wars update.

Me elsewhere: TV news!

Schools in my city are closed today because of a threat of violence.

The new Harry Potter play has cast a black actress as Hermione and now we get to see who the racists in that fandom are!

This clarified some things: An Explanation of What Bernie Sanders Staffers Actually Did and Why It Matters

This was probably the only way Miss Universe was going to make headlines at this point.

Important: Don't ruin your holiday card with a misplaced apostrophe

Did you know that Esquire a. has a TV network and b. is making a Beowulf show?

Aw, poor runaway reindeer.

Fascinating: What academic research caught the public imagination in 2015?

Here's another great interview with the Fug Girls about The Royal We.

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  1. All I feel about the Harry Potter play is the crippling disappointment of being too far away to ever see it in person. Sigh. They released cast pictures, and I felt a swell of joy, but now it has lapsed back into the dark well of defeat that comes from living where no plays ever come on tour.