Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/2/15)

This is fascinating: A Dream of Secular Utopia in ISIS’ Backyard

Vox has a good explainer on what we know and don't know about the Planned Parenthood shooting, and why it matters.

You have perhaps already read Bill Simmons's interview with the President, but I had not, and it's very good.

"This Is What They Did for Fun": A Modern-Day Lynching

A Donald Trump nomination could split the GOP. Here's what that might look like.

The Times, among others, has dropped "Rodham" when referring to Hillary Clinton. Here's why.

Women, minorities, and the Manhattan Project

The Bleak Future of College Football

io9's True Crime section is doing an Advent calendar, of a sort, of the Bloodiest Christmas Massacres. Festive! Here's the first one.

Mallory Ortberg makes me want to watch The Tudors.

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