Saturday, December 5, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/5/15)

I love Chris Murphy. (But seriously, does anyone genuinely think anyone was saying people shouldn't pray? The message was clearly that prayers WITHOUT OTHER ACTION aren't enough, and I have to think anyone saying otherwise is either idiotic or determined to be a victim and take attention away from the real victims. Or both! Could be both!)

The ugly Islamophobia in the media coverage of the San Bernardino shooting

On Trump: "Even Slobodan Milosevic knew better than to talk like that in public." And that was BEFORE he made an anti-Semitic speech to a group of Republican Jews.

I love when Slate gets snarky: New Bust in Capitol Building Honors Dick Cheney for Ending Terrorism

As he explains IN the piece, it's really not important at all that China's RMB is becoming a global reserve currency, but Matt Yglesias's explanation of the whole thing is interesting and also REALLY FUNNY.

I FINALLY had time to read Maureen Dowd's piece on women in Hollywood and you have probably already read it but I am linking in case you hadn't gotten to it either! (And now I want someone to write the fanfic in which Dowd asks her buddy Sorkin for comment and he says whatever terribly Sorkiny thing he'd no doubt say.)

Inside the surreal world of the Islamic State’s propaganda machine

This is quite a good explanation of both the evolution of Bernie Sanders and his appeal.

What Would the Father of American Football Make of the Modern Game? (I will admit that I am way more into the history of sports than I am into... actual sports themselves; this reminds me that I had meant to read that book on Teddy Roosevelt and football.)

Heh: The Cool Way to Brew Good Coffee (I had pourover once, while traveling - we are not super into Good Coffee here in the wilds of New Hampshire - and I must admit I was underwhelmed. I think it was on the same trip that a barista made one of those pretty designs on the top of my latte and I was DELIGHTED AND ASTONISHED because I didn't know that happened in real life. New Hampshire: We Finally Have Starbucks But Let's Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves Here.)

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