Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/6/16)

ICYMI last night, North Korea says it tested a hydrogen bomb, but so far no one's sure if this is true.

Here's a good explanation of the President's executive orders to reduce gun violence, with video of his announcement. (And this idea that he was faking emotion when talking about the deaths of tiny children just sickens me.)

Are Trump supporters driven by economic anxiety or racial resentment? Yes.

But Ezra Klein is very soothing: Here's what I think Donald Trump's loss will look like (This sounds right to me, and I feel like in many ways the real contest in these early states is between the power of yelling [Trump, Sanders] and the power of organization/logistics [Clinton, maybe Cruz or even Christie]. Organization/logistics better win or my entire worldview will be shaken.)

Seriously: Calm Down About the Fake 10,000 Character Limit on Twitter

Important context: Waco and Ruby Ridge: the 1990s standoffs haunting the Oregon takeover, explained

Sometimes complaining on the Internet works: Star Wars Monopoly game to add Rey character after fan outcry (FWIW, I saw several thinly sourced claims saying Hasbro's contract with Disney prevented them from putting Rey in any toys released before a certain date, and I find that reasonably plausible, but someone still should have realized how it would come across.)

Speaking of Hasbro and Disney, this was fascinating: The $500 Million Battle Over Disney’s Princesses

Whoa - English Heritage is recreating 1066 on Twitter.

Two Monks Learn How To Draw Hands

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