Saturday, January 9, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/9/16)

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Tomorrow's issue of the Times magazine has a really great profile of the New Haven special-victims unit. It can be a hard read at times, for obvious reasons, but it's important and extremely well-written.

This story just gets crazier: ‘Catfishing’ over love interest might have spurred U-Va. gang-rape debacle

Devils, Deals, and the DEA was a fascinating and very well-done look at a giant drug cartel case, and yesterday there was a relevant piece of news: El Chapo, Escaped Mexican Drug Lord, Is Recaptured in Gun Battle

Important update on that Alabama cop story from a few months ago: Alabama Cops, Confederate Flags, Racism, and an Over-Eager Media

I'm sorry to break it to you but a lot of those funny Blair/Clinton transcripts going around this week are parody.

Donald Trump plays the media like a fiddle. This Ted Cruz birther flap proves it.

Israel Bans Arab-Jewish Romance Novel in Schools Over Fears of Race-Mixing

This edges a bit toward librarian inside baseball, but nothing about this debacle with commercial sponsors and publication sounds like it was handled well.

A Winter Classic Debacle and the Future of Women's Pro Hockey

Shakespearean tragedies visualized through character interactions

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