Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/22/16)

If you're wondering what I've been reading, I've updated my 2016 book list, and I'll be posting thoughts about a bunch of these books over the next few weeks to catch up. Let me know if there's one you want me to prioritize!

A fascinating, important read: The Obama Doctrine

FiveThirtyEight's Delegate Tracker is pretty nifty.

There's a big problem with Bernie Sanders's free college plan

Hundreds Of Donald Trump’s Employees Have Sued For Alleged Labor Infractions

"It turns out the only thing we hate more than a candidate who doesn’t meet insane standards of perfection is seeing the work that goes into trying to meet those expectations."

How the internet is disrupting politics

She Wanted to Do Her Research. He Wanted to Talk ‘Feelings.’

I agree with the Fug Girls here about celebrities and access and personal space.

Whoa, they're making a Dare Wright movie.

Who Is the Greatest Supporting Player of All Time?

Someone is finally being sued for crowdfunding something to which they don't have rights and I am so happy.

Two Monks Illustrate the Old Testament

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