Saturday, March 26, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/26/16)

ICYMI, in yesterday's Friday Five I talked about mystery series that should be TV shows.

Here's what's going on with Cruz and the National Enquirer. FWIW, Anne Helen Petersen, who knows whereof she speaks, pointed out on Twitter that the people who investigated things that turned out to be real (like the Edwards story) are no longer AT the Enquirer. So.

And this, about tweets alluding to this story for a while now, almost made me sad that I don't follow more conservative media figures on Twitter. Almost.

UGH: Bernie Sanders’s Hail Mary: maybe superdelegates can save me Hint: If you need the party elite to overturn the will of the people to give you power, you are NOT inspiring a populist revolution.

The one thing he's consistent on: Donald Trump Hates Women

And: White Men Prefer Trump's Overt Misogyny to Clinton's Failure to Center Them Every Moment

"If Kasich wins the nomination after effectively determining that primary voters’ preferences needn’t count, then that establishes primary voters’ preferences needn’t count."

Good Friday and the feast of the Annunciation fell on the same day this year (yesterday) and here is a fascinating post about the history and theological and artistic significance of that.

Kate Spade’s Shiny, Sparkly Success Story

Need a reading list? A Crash Course in the History of Black Science Fiction

Better late than never? NFL acknowledges, for first time, link between football, brain disease

This tragic story brings up a lot of interesting questions about the interaction between cultures; I'm inclined to think that, at least in this case (as described in this article), some of the "they have to be kept isolated to preserve their pure primitiveness" feels like fetishization more than like what the people themselves necessarily want.

Every Meal In Wuthering Heights Ranked In Order Of Sadness

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