Friday, April 8, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/8/16)

Happy Friday! As usual, your Friday links eschew politics and world events and grim things in general and focus on the lighter/happier side of things.

I love unidentified creatures in the Thames!

Let's all go buy a village.

I am skeptical of the whole animal cafe trend and also of the extent to which hedgehogs really want to be handled but I will admit this is cute.

HA: A five-year-old sent a letter to the police asking why they employed dogs but not cats and now they're supposedly considering police cats.

Centuries of hats!

Yes please: 35 of the best Breton tops

Ooh: Royal letters to go on display at Battle of Jutland centenary exhibition

I won't pretend I'm not going to be watching this four-part William & Kate documentary on Reelz.

Related: Which Member of the Royal Family Are You? (I am the Duchess of Cambridge. Very flattering, Tatler, thank you.)

Texts From Young Werther

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