Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/10/16)

Me elsewhere: New Endeavour preview and your Monday Daily Read.

WHAT: Friendly's sells retail ice cream and manufacturing, new owner promises to keep Wilbraham factory

Important: You can't talk about Trump's rise without talking about racism

Sigh: "It's not a conspiracy; it won't be coordinated. It doesn't need to be. It's just a process of institutions, centers of power and influence, responding to the incentive structure that's evolved around them. The US political ecosystem needs this election to be competitive."

Come on, people: Passenger Delays Flight After Mistaking Math Equations for Terrorist Code

This story about Hillary Clinton and alien enthusiasts is actually really interesting - Chris Carter makes an appearance! - but my favorite part is that her response to a question about it "suggested she’d been briefed by someone and is not just being flippant," which is something I feel like you could put in a story about her and ANY ISSUE EVER. She does her research.

Study: Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan is twice as expensive as he says

Interesting: U.S. Soldiers Defy North Korean Propaganda by Teaching Defectors English

Poor Vox: We shouldn't have to explain that Ted Cruz's dad didn't kill JFK, but here goes, I guess

I had not really followed the Theranos story, so this summary was very helpful.

And an interesting perspective: The Secret Culprit in the Theranos Mess

This piece from the A.V. Club about the Facebook news curator "scandal" is a perfect example of what that site does so well. "In a stunning revelation that has left your weird uncle that lives in rural Montana completely speechless, it turns out the world’s largest social media platform doesn’t just turn on its computers each morning and then give everybody the day off."

Women Enjoying Heterosexual Kisses In Western Art History

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