Sunday, May 1, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/1/16)

(I'm traveling, so this post was written in advance. So if it doesn't seem to take recent news or events into account... that's why.)

Because we don't have enough to worry about: Race for Latest Class of Nuclear Arms Threatens to Revive Cold War

Latvia Wants to Ban Face Veils, for All 3 Women Who Wear Them

Why next year is going to be a disaster for Paul Ryan's presidential dreams

This unicode consortium drama is actually pretty interesting but the story also made me realize how much we DO need a salad emoji, so I'm part of the problem.

I sincerely do not believe that what the world needs now is an Andrew Wakefield movie.

I tend to think Shakespeare theories are nonsense, but Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance are so delightful they're almost convincing me here. (I mean. Cadfael and Thomas Cromwell could probably convince me of anything.)

It's the 400th anniversary of Cervantes's death, too, but he's getting way less attention.

The BBC ran a delightfully serious story on investigating lost socks.

The Onion but TOO REAL: Nation Relieved Insufferable Little ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Don’t Have Book To Lord Over Them This Season

How To Respond When You Suspect Someone Is Flirting With You

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