Saturday, May 14, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/14/16)

Me elsewhere: First looks at Time After Time and Still Star-Crossed and your Friday Daily Read.

SAD NEWS: The Toast is closing. I am bereft but also glad that they are making the decision that's right for them.

On Facebook, Trump's Longtime Butler Calls for Obama to Be Killed (As Chris Hayes pointed out on Snapchat, the big thing here is not so much the thing itself as the fact that this guy was glowingly profiled by the Times, like, yesterday.)

Related: Donald Trump's victory proves Republican voters want resentful nationalism, not principled conservatism

Also related: The Myth of the Disappearing Nonwhite Voter

Dahlia Lithwick on covering Merrick Garland is great. Dahlia Lithwick is always great.

Important: Ta-Nehisi Coates On Homecomings

The Unhealthy Truth Behind 'Wellness' and 'Clean Eating'

I'm honestly not that invested in the names of the American wizarding school houses, but this controversy about the software engineer who discovered them (possibly) is fascinating.

Hee: Prince George called Prince Harry out for being on good behaviour when the Obamas came to visit

The First Line Of Every Fan Fiction I Have Started Writing Once I Found Out Emma Watson Was Named In The Panama Papers

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