Friday, May 20, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/20/16)

Me elsewhere: New episode of The Fourth Wall podcast called Fandom 101, the CW's fall schedule, new clips from The Hollow Crown, and Thursday's Daily Read.

On to Happy Friday links! (Don't worry, we'll be back to all the terrible things happening in the world tomorrow.

!!!!! A Fort McMurray Evacuee’s Cat Was Taken Care By An Airline And It Was Adorable

I loved how Star Trek revealed the new show logo on Instagram; luckily a smart person took a screenshot.

Leicester City: The science behind their Premier League title

Is The Onion following my dad around now?? Area Dad Needs More Time With Museum Plaque

Speaking of Dad, he passed along this delight: University Title Generator

Pet Sounds is really really really great.

I APPROVE: The First Restaurants Only Served Soup

The Mind-Boggling Challenge of Designing 120-Sided Dice

Heh: Facebook Trivia Questions, Customized for You

Ooh: 'Impossibly Rare' Violet Diamond Found

If Tom Hiddleston Were Your Boyfriend

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  1. Thank you for the Hiddleston link. I never really understood before, BUT I DO NOW OMG.