Monday, May 23, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/23/16)

Me elsewhere: Your TV news for the week.

The real reason Hillary Clinton is beating Bernie Sanders

WHAT: Trump's Political Advisers Wanted to Vet Him. He Said No.

Donald Trump Wanted A White-Versus-Black Season Of “The Apprentice” Because of course he did. (Thought experiment: If NBC had greenlit that, how would it have affected the 2008 election and/or Trump's political future?)

Important: "Culturally, we have a deeply ingrained, often subconscious contempt for women and for the things women do. That’s why when something is marked 'feminine,' it becomes humiliating or emasculating for a man to do it. It’s why we smirk at the idea of Bill Clinton taking over Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden."

Sanders supporter Robert Reich wrote that his fellow supporters should support Clinton in the general if she becomes the nominee. You won't believe what happened next.

This post from a disability activist who reached out to both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns is worth a read.

Perfect: Reasons that woman is not smiling at you, a man who is about to tell her to smile:

New Strawberry Shortcake TV show???

Found: A Napoleonic War Diary Hiding in a Bookstore in Tasmania

The Onion, BARELY: Facebook Clarifies Site Not Intended To Be Users’ Primary Information Source

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