Sunday, May 29, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/29/16)

Do Sanders Supporters Favor His Policies? Meh, not particularly. (And that's the case with virtually all candidates, but in this instance where he's getting power over who writes the platform etc. based on the idea that huge numbers of people support his positions, it's worth thinking and talking about the fact that that really can't be assumed.)

Your guide to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist

This is long, but if you're interested in how TV works at all, it's essential reading: The Business of Too Much TV

Good for her: Robin Wright Pressed for Equal Pay on House of Cards

Believe it or not, this is COMPLETELY HILARIOUS. Just click. Please. America’s Questions about “Brexit” Answered

Satirical erotica author Chuck Tingle's massive troll of conservative sci-fi fans, explained (Because I've seen a few rumors going around and I'm not sure how serious they were: No, I genuinely have no idea who Tingle is.)

Fascinating: One of Florence’s Oldest Families and Its 600-Year Archive

Will We Ever Know Why Nazi Leader Rudolf Hess Flew to Scotland in the Middle of World War II? (Probably not!)

It's so interesting how our image of desirable produce has changed: Pretty Portraits of the Tiny, Lumpy, Sweet Strawberries of the Early 20th Century


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