Saturday, June 25, 2016

Morning Coffee (6/25/16)

How To Make Sense Of The Brexit Turmoil

This was written before the final call (and before Cameron resigned) but June Thomas has a good overview of what this means for various political parties.

Especially in a referendum, your. Vote. Matters. The Best of British “Leave” Voters Realizing They’ve Made a Huge Mistake

Slate has a ton of Brexit coverage from different angles and you can find it here.

Of COURSE he did: Bernie Sanders Walks Back Pledge to Vote For Hillary Clinton

C-Span, Gun Control and a Protest Made for Streaming

2016: People burned after deliberately walking across hot coals.

Barnes & Noble’s New Comeback Plan: Alcohol-Serving Restaurants OKAY. (I appreciate stories about Barnes & Noble in trouble because it's great justification to go buy books.)

This longread about Disney brides is fascinating even if you don't have particular interest in Disney weddings, as I do not.

“Elizabeth, Carrying a Laundry Basket, Enters”: How TV Writers Deal With Pregnant Actresses

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