Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Morning Coffee (6/8/16)

I woke up to the news from California and THAT was delightful.

(Me elsewhere: Feed the Beast was disappointing.)

This is really happening: Hillary Clinton will be the first woman presidential nominee — that's a big deal beyond symbolism

The meaning of Hillary, and the long, hard climb to the top of the ticket

Hillary Clinton Made History, but Bernie Sanders Stubbornly Ignored It

No concession, but the Times says Sanders is laying off half his staff.

And I just read this and it made me both furious and so so glad that he will not be president, as he would clearly be terrible at it: Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution

Reporters covering Clinton report harassment following AP call

I'm not saying what it is here but reading this Cursed Child spoiler about a certain character last night of all nights made me start crying again.

Stop the Bots From Killing Broadway

This piece on Dancing with the Stars casting was interesting even though I don't watch the show, and obviously if they got Bill Clinton (their dream contestant) I would WATCH EVERY MOMENT.

The Lost Literature of Medieval England

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