Friday, July 1, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/1/16)

HOW IS IT JULY? (I typed "6" in the title there and then glanced down at the date and realized.) There is A LOT GOING ON but as usual we will take a break for happy links today and return to the horrors of the world tomorrow.

Serial fans: Adnan is getting a new trial!!!

This Atlas Obscura piece made me realize I went to school near Ilvermorny! Am I magic??

!!! Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back to Stores Nationwide AND there's an Oregon Trail-ish game, you guys!!

What a world: Hamilton Co-Stars Cover Arthur Theme

Garth Williams, Illustrator of American Childhood

From Arya to Zayn: The Rise and Fall of 100 Hollywood-Inspired Baby Names

What a delight: Adorable Midcentury Posters Teaching Kids How to Use the Library

I love reading about rich people in the summer.

This write-up is hilarious: Prince Harry Peruses Discounted Frozen Meals on His Latest Grocery Shopping Trip

Browse Nearly 1,000 Photo Postcards of Late-19th-Century Stage Productions of Shakespeare

Today is the last day of The Toast and I am bereft. Luckily for you, I have a few more things from them bookmarked to share over the next week two. Here's Things Lucy Maud Montgomery Lied To Me About

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  1. Okay, local government's response to the magic school is adorable.