Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/12/16)

The Washington Post's editorial board is pulling no punches: "But to equate the two candidates as indistinguishably unqualified products of a rigged or failed system only feeds public cynicism while blurring distinctions that should not be blurred. Ms. Clinton is a politician, long in the arena, whom you may or may not support. Mr. Trump is a danger to the republic."

Ezra Klein's piece on Understanding Hillary was very well done and gets at a lot of why I think she would be good at the job of being president.

Interesting: How Bernie Sanders lost black voters

I'm not completely convinced that David Cameron was singing the West Wing theme, but I desperately want it to be true. (And this incident was bizarre enough either way.)

You should read Roxane Gay on Alton Sterling.

Some very interesting stuff about celebrity and gender and work here: The Multitasking Celebrity Takes Center Stage

Heeee: Are Bridge Players Subconsciously Changing Their Game Strategy in Response to Trump? I love joke studies.

Little House and the Art of Hiding Your Feelings

Gail Collins takes a break from the election to take down the cruise industry.

Ha: Social Media Intern Wanted at the Night's Watch

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