Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/26/16)

Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC last night was really, really great. Here's the transcript.

I am generally not a huge Sarah Silverman fan - her humor is just not to my personal taste - but this was good.

Mallory Ortberg is in Philadelphia, THANK GOODNESS: When Will The Gates Of Atlantis Open And Welcome Us Back Into The Sea: Day One Of The DNC

Donald Trump’s long history of clashes with Native Americans

Wow: The very nonpolitical Michael Jordan is speaking out about recent shootings (and donating lots of money).

Oops. Try not to accidentally cross international borders while playing Pokemon.

The Vaccination Double Standard

Sad news: Marni Nixon has died.

The complete guide to Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump’s favorite autocrat

Now that I think about it, Star Trek: Beyond's Jaylah being based on Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone makes perfect sense.

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