Thursday, July 28, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/28/16)

Last night's convention speeches were great - Kaine won me over, Obama and Biden were phenomenal, my personal favorite Chris Murphy did well - but you're going to have to wait for the weekend for links about THEM because I AM SO TIRED YOU GUYS and so these are all things I bookmarked BEFORE last night.

A bit of entertainment news before we get to the politics: Gilmore Girls trailer and premiere date!! I have been less excited about this than... much of the Internet... but that trailer absolutely gave me some feelings.

THIS IS NOT GOOD: Donald Trump Calls on Russia to Find Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails We are past joking here. This is very serious and way beyond partisan politics.

"Trump just coordinated with Russia in a way that would be illegal if Russia were a super PAC, in the hope that Russia will do something it would be illegal for a super PAC to do."

Aide: Trump 'will not be releasing' taxes

Related: Have we stopped to appreciate how crazy Donald Trump has gotten recently?

Oh hey, my tweet is in this BuzzFeed story: People Are Mad Hillary Was Left Off Some Front Pages After Making History

Bill Clinton explained Hillary’s political style perfectly — but disguised it as a love story

Rebecca Traister's take is also good. "It’s ironic that, in politics and other male-dominated public spheres, one of the roadblocks for women is objectification and sexualization, but when it comes to Hillary Clinton, whose ambition and brains have long rendered her bloodless in the American imagination, hearing her described as an object of desire could feel corrective and bizarrely just. So he did it."

Love this headline: Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president

SO SAD: Sesame Street has laid off Bob, Gordon, and Luis.

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