Sunday, July 31, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/31/16)

Happy birthday to me! Because of my birthday, by the way, I am prepping link posts ahead of time so I can spend more of the weekend on the couch reading books, so if I've missed something important, I will do my best to get to it next week.

If you missed Khizr Khan's amazing speech, you should watch it.

This is a good point: Despite what you’ve heard, Democrats aren’t in disarray. Their party is under attack from the outside.

Awesome: U.S. Navy To Name Ship After San Francisco LGBT Rights Icon Harvey Milk

Our president would like to set the record straight about this almond business.

"If you want Donald Trump to come and hang out in your subreddit, all you have to do is ask, preferably via a short, bulleted memo." (Note: It also helps if you're a Neo-Nazi.)

My cousin in Philly sent me some interesting local convention coverage, like: Mississippi flag won't fly in Philly

And: Sorry, Jersey — Mapping where DNC delegates are staying around Philly

Norway considers giving mountain to Finland as 100th birthday present Today is my birthday, Norway. I am just pointing this out.

In honor of all July birthdays, let's ogle some royal ruby necklaces.

An actual good birthday present for me: A "new" Beatles album??

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