Friday, August 12, 2016

Morning Coffee (8/12/16)

Let's take a break for some fun Friday links.

The President made us summer playlists. God, I'm going to miss him. Also, I'd been vaguely meaning to make a playlist all week and never got to it, so I am impressed, as the President is much busier than I am.

Simone Biles Has a Life-size Zac Efron Cutout, and Honestly, Zac Efron Should Be Flattered

I have never related so much to Michelle Obama, in that if I had the power to do so I would absolutely make Matthew Rhys sit next to me. I would probably also make him speak Welsh but I assume the First Lady's manners are better than mine.

Important military news: Italian Sailor Uses Mouth-To-Mouth to Revive Kitten

I'm a little burned out on essays about Hamilton but this one by Todd VanDerWerff is so lovely and the one I would recommend you read.

Speaking of: Lin-Manuel Miranda & The Rock teamed up to belt out a 'Beauty and the Beast' ballad for you. Of course they did.

This is perfect: Let me translate my emails for you.

I am relieved to report that Tonga's shirtless flag bearer seems like a good guy, as well as being hot.

The swimmers' grandmas continue being quite something: Watch Ryan Lochte's Grandma Carry an Olympic Torch in Her Nursing Home, Weep


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